William and Raven something in the way

William and Raven something in the way This is my fancast video one favorite book couples William and Raven from the Florentine series by Sylvain Reynard, yes same person who wrote the Gabriel’s inferno series, this story is more darker…

William and Raven something in the way



William and Raven something in the way

This is my fancast video one favorite book couples William and Raven from the Florentine series by Sylvain Reynard, yes same person who wrote the Gabriel’s inferno series, this story is more darker but romantic at the same time, it about a vampire named who seek vengeance but when rescues saved a woman named raven he is immediately attracted to her and willing to any to protect from not the evils in her life but his . This video just cover half the first book the raven and after the raven there is the shadow then ending with the Roman all great book must a read for twilight fans

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Quotes on the book that from the video in order are

Alone figure stood high atop Brunelleschi’s dome, under the shade of the gold globe and cross. His black clothing faded into the encroaching darkness, rendering him invisible to the people below.

The city of Florence had been his for almost seven hundred years. When he was in residence, he spent the moments before sunset in the same place, surveying his kingdom with Lucifer-like pride. This was the work of his hands, the fruit of his labor, and he wielded his power without mercy.

Other monsters moved in the darkness, from all parts of the city, racing toward the place where innocent blood cried out from the ground.

As he ran, the question uppermost in his mind was: Who will reach her first?

The man yanked her to her feet. He pulled her by the hair and swung her against the wall. Raven saw stars, pain shooting from her forehead.

A young woman’s cries, slurred and desperate, reached the Prince’s ears.

“What the—” The man was dead before he could finish his sentence, his head ripped from his body and casually tossed aside like a football.

Cassita vulneratus. Raven awoke with a start. She’d heard a strange voice whispering in her ear. Of course, there was no one else in her small bedroom.

He pushed her image aside. He’d recklessly interfered in human affairs because of a centuries-old memory. Because of another beautiful face with haunting eyes . .

He scrubbed his face with both hands. His body never tired but his mind needed rest.

She was just about to step through the doorway when she stumbled over something; something that felt suspiciously like a pair of feet. She flailed as she fell but before she hit the floor, a pair of strong arms came around her waist, catching her.

She felt the figure speed past her. Her hands collided with his feet as she approached the apartment door. “If you scream again, I’ll silence you.” An angry voice, soft as silk, sliced through the darkness. “What do you want?” Raven attempted to keep her voice steady. But she failed.

“If you had to choose between justice and mercy, what would you choose?” “Mercy,” she whispered.

“No one deserves mercy. Not deserving it is what makes it mercy.” The man was quiet for so long, she wondered if he’d left. She looked behind her, scanning the darkness for any sign of him.

He’d watched the woman from afar, hoping she’d obey him and flee. She didn’t.

He wanted to kiss her mouth and thrust inside her. He wanted to look into her eyes and see trust, not fear, and to have her sleep in his arms.

He rubbed his face. Perhaps he should go home. But home held memories of Cassita, of her broken body sliding perilously close to death. It was not a place to go in order to forget her. Anger began to build in his chest. He finished his drink in one swallow, determined to have the satisfaction he craved.

She heard his voice, murmuring in English and in Latin. “‘Wounded lark,’” she translated, lifting her eyes to him in wonder. William’s lips curved into a half smile. “The wounded lark with the great green eyes and the maddening, courageous soul.”

He drew a circle on her cheek with his thumb before dropping it to her jaw. “You are my greatest virtue and my deepest vice.”

He leaned forward and pressed their lips together. Anguish and desire flared in his chest as his mouth touched hers, his kiss becoming firm and insistent. His thumb traced a tempting trail down her beautiful neck and he groaned, the sound throaty and carnal.

He propelled her backward, almost waltzing her across the room, until her back was against a bookshelf. And still he kept his lips on hers. His hand slipped between her head and the shelf, cradling her. Protecting her.

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