The history of naturism. Part 1.

Hello everyone! And welcome to my project “Naturist’s notes”! The purpose of my channel is very extensive. It affects all aspects of the life of naturists and nudists. I talked about it in my first videos. I want any person…

The history of naturism. Part 1.



Hello everyone! And welcome to my project “Naturist’s notes”! The purpose of my channel is very extensive. It affects all aspects of the life of naturists and nudists. I talked about it in my first videos. I want any person who is not familiar with naturism, who came to my channel and watched the video, had a full idea what naturism is, what are the features, who does it, where it came from and in General how it came into people’s lives. In previous videos, I succinctly explained the theme of the history of naturism. In detail about the history of naturism, I did not tell. There are a lot of interesting things here!

So, where did naturism and nudism come from? Let’s distract ourselves if we look at the history of our civilization. The same bathing suits we’re used to now. They appeared a hundred with small years ago, and were quite not similar on modern, and fully covered body. And people were swimming in these suits. If now a man or a woman in a modern swimsuit moved to 100-150 years ago, 100 % the police would have detained you. Because that would be nonsense. For those people, it would be savagery. And if a person from the 19th century, in his swimsuit, move another 100-150 years ago. He would be looked at with great surprise, because he bathes in clothes. At that time, people did not bathe in clothes, people bathed naked. Where did the history of naturism come from, where did its ideology come from. People in the primitive communal system, of course if the weather allowed were without clothes, clothes were required only to cover themselves if it is cold or to close from external factors. Gradually civilization develops, antiquity develops. We all know about it, someone studied at school, someone studied at the Institute. We all know about it superficially, we know about the statue of Venus de Milo, about sculptures. We know that in Greece they played sports, it was highly developed. We watch gymnastics on TV, but we don’t think about one thing. The word gymnastics came from the Greek word “gymnos”, which means naked. Because the first gymnasts performed in Greece without clothes.
Now more specifically about the modern history of naturism and nudism. It is believed and it is widespread that the naturism and nudism movement came from the Germans from Germany. The founder of nudism Henry Pudor. But, long before him, the Frenchman Elise Reclu had already expressed ideas and wrote his essays that nudity is useful and useful to practice such a way of life. In General, nudity is not the goal of naturism, as banal as it sounds now, but it is nudity but it is only a means. The members of the first naturist societies had very strict frameworks such as giving up Smoking, giving up alcohol, and even giving up meat, they were vegetarians. It was the idea of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle, rejection of bad habits, defending their rights to freedom of lifestyle and unity with nature, protection of nature itself. A big difference is a person walks on fresh grass or on garbage. When a man takes off his clothes, he reveals himself, reveals himself to nature. Removes the barrier that stands in front of us. Man merges with nature. Naturally wants to take more care of nature. This was the very idea of naturism. About the nudity had many interpretations, nudity is purity, nudity is healthy. But these are secondary things around the main goal of the naturism movement. I hope you found it interesting! In the following videos I will also talk about the history of naturism. As naturism widely began its March around the world, in different countries. I will definitely touch on the topic of who was the founder of the famous nudist beaches in Koktebel. And now subscribe to my channel, click on the bell. See you in the new videos, bye everyone!!!

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