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In the beginning hours of today, at noon, when I was able to distance myself from some new ailments in my left leg and foot, thoughts came to mind that are represented by the following words: Gabriel, macabre, The New…


In the beginning hours of today, at noon, when I was able to distance myself from some new ailments in my left leg and foot, thoughts came to mind that are represented by the following words: Gabriel, macabre, The New Yorker, and, of course, the dreaded 2022, in the closet, about to emerge with rage and seriously threatening Democracy, not just in New York, the USA aka America, and in each of the 195 countries on Planet Earth [thanks Google].
I worked very late on my most personal most controversial project called ‘Legacy’ – making today what may only be appreciated after my death. So I got up late today Friday, which you too well know is the last day of the year 2021, which was a very mixed bag of goodies and toxins. I’m thinking about the Biden&Harris Administration’s bettering the lives of working parents, and in New York City especially the institutionalizing ‘Pre-K’, reauthorizing it for the second time, and likely increasing its staffing, its access, and decreasing the threat that it is only a temporary blessing.
Thanks to our 6ft5 [1.95m] 60 year-old Italian-American Mayor Bill DeBlasio and his Afro-American wife Chirlane’s Administration. Yesterday I saw ’n heard their emotional televised address regarding their 8 years in office. The knowledge that this is very likely going to create better children and thus better adults down the line is very reassuring even to me, who likely, definitely, is not going to experience its effects on this city’s citizenry. I do understand from my Los Angeles family that ‘Pre-K’ is also well implemented there under that state’s democratic principles and its current 54 year-old 6ft3 [1.9m] Governor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Mexican-American 50-year old Eric Garcetti, who’s maternal grandparents were Russian Jewish immigrants.
The critical importance to early childhood development programs is of course well established in all Central European countries and adults, who were children in that environment, are more stable more patient more tolerant, better human beings. I am afraid to inform you that, from my perspective, it will take decades before such balanced citizens will be nurtured to grow up to stabilize American culture. Social protest, street marches, do not reach the inner and secret headquarters of the capitalist controlled federal government. The politicians, their mouthpieces, used to voice politically correct concerns which were fairly meaningless, often laughingly hypocritical, but now, since DT unleashed the self-preservative primitive id, the White Supremacist has come out of the closet and raises hell in every part of this country. Sorry to tell you what you already too painfully know.
It is possible, by some miracle, that now, no longer pretending to be a society that flies proudly flags of Equality Justice Opportunity for all, it will further energize the disadvantaged, the marginalized, the undercounted and the young, old and poor to storm the Capital with the same righteous fervor that motivated the White Privileged citizen to storm the Capital demanding their rights to the continued status quo control of this country’s economy and government. Sorry.
Their minority power structure is too entrenched – witness that at least 15% of the Capital rioters were current or former soldiers and policemen. Witness the marching by peaceful BLM protesters at the Capital in Washington DC experienced brutal police repression and arrests in the hundreds while the White protesters, there on January 6, 2021, only a handful arrested that day. True that 230 have so far been criminally charged, hah hah, but the instigators, DT, DT’s chief enforcers, the Republican Senate & House, are so far, and likely forever, going to walk free and uncharged for their planned insurrection of the American government. All criminally drummed up by the Big Lie. Whites can loot, destroy and kill without fear of imprisonment. Coloreds, Independent Whites, young and old, are beaten and punished with long jail terms for protesting peacefully.
The plusses and minuses of life, like electrons and protons, manifest differently at different times depending on mostly unknown, hard to quantify, circumstances.
As Senator Joe Manchin might drawl as he helps deconstruct Democracy in America – HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO Y’ALL!

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