SvenPad® Ultimate Edition (German and Spanish) (2)

Find out more: The special SvenPad® Ultimate Edition GERMAN EDITION contains 3 small illustration variations from the standard version, which now allows the PHASE THREE of the routine to work ideally in German + a number of other languages…

SvenPad® Ultimate Edition (German and Spanish) (2)



Find out more:
The special SvenPad® Ultimate Edition GERMAN EDITION contains 3 small illustration variations from the standard version, which now allows the PHASE THREE of the routine to work ideally in German + a number of other languages including: SPANISH SCANDINAVIAN LANGUAGES (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) German users will also have a PDF link that was translated into German. Other users may use the English instructions (same link) and will easily understand the three images/words which are different from the standard English SvenPad® Ultimate Edition.


SVENPAD® ULTIMATE EDITION IS UNLIKE ANY SVENGALI STYLE PAD. This is a kind of mini book test (without the book), using over 60 unique “doodle drawings” in an infinite variety of combinations. With this revolutionary new pad, the Svengali long/short pages work in unexpectedly different ways that will make you smile. This SvenPad® is destined to become one of your favorite mind-reading utility devices, and should open new mind reading jazz possibilities, without the limitations of only a single force and printed words of a book. This pad BLENDS the use of IMAGES and WORDS to hide the workings in some new ways.

THIS SVENPAD® OFFERS 3 DIFFERENT PHASES, and a variety of deeper methods under the hood. Using this pad will make it seem like you are literally inside each spectator’s head. Performers may choose to reveal the spectator’s thoughts in a variety of ways: Verbally, in writing, as a drawing duplication, or (for magicians) a revelation or a prediction. The first phase helps to hide the methods for the 2nd and 3rd phases.

Reveal words. Reveal drawings. In fact, why not do both? The performer starts out far ahead, using a variety of powerful techniques.

The story of this pad’s origin is written on the back – a fund raising doodle pad for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Our tough criteria was still a pad that MUST look store bought, totally innocent. A SvenPad® casually EXAMINABLE, with multiple DEEP methods A SvenPad® that is 100% READY TO TAKE OUT AND PLAY A SvenPad® that looks like a REAL DOODLE PAD A SvenPad® that forces MULTIPLE SPECTATORS A SvenPad® with MULTIPLE REVEALS on the same PAGE A SvenPad® with over 60 hand-drawn IMAGES, no words A SvenPad® for both word reveals OR drawing duplication A SvenPad® with every single page being uniquely DIFFERENT A SvenPad® allowing ESCALATING reveals A SvenPad® that will FOOL “in the know” performers A SvenPad® SO SIMPLE, you’ll be using it the same day 3 COMPLETE PHASES NEW! LARGER 4″X6″ POCKET FORMAT COMES WITH VELVET CARRYING BAG AND CRIB CARD FOR 3RD PHASE FULL COLOR PRINTED IMAGES 33 PAGE INSTRUCTIONAL PDF 20 MINUTE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO PORTION OF EVERY SALE GOES TO CHARITY! All of the above is accurate. Cross our hearts.

We have been pouring our minds and creativity into this ground-breaking utility tool for months now, and it will shatter the way you see SvenPads®. See with your own eyes and EXPERIENCE being fooled by the most unique SvenPad® we’ve yet made. After 3 months of testing with many of the world’s best performers, the SvenPad® Ultimate Edition is finally ready for your enjoyment.


“I just got it. As with all Sven products, the Ultimate Edition is top quality and an amazing effect on the other side. Thanks Brett Barry for all your innovation and hard work you put for the magic community.”

“The quality of this prop is as great as you would expect if you’re familiar with any of the other Sven products that Brett puts out. The fact that this item has multi-layered methodology to enhance the performance aspect and simultaneously obfuscate the methods used is worth 5 stars in anyone’s review. There is nothing you won’t like about this. Get it as soon as it’s available.”

“Did you hear the word incredible? Yes, you did, and please understand that I very rarely use that word about things in this industry. This is something very, very special. This also applies to the routine in three phases that comes with it. Entertaining, elegant and impossible to reveal.”

“Just got a call from Brett, unbelievable how much you can do with this pad! This is THE MOTHER of ALL SvenPads®. It’s going into our show immediately!”

“Hands down the best pad I’ve seen yet. Brett is a genius! Multiple reveals can be performed over and over to the same audience with different outcomes! So clever, a 15 minute show in your pocket.”

“If like many, you’ve stared blankly at your (unused) SvenPads® wondering what the hell to fill them with, then your prayers have been answered. Brett has transformed an ordinary-looking coloring book and provided us with a multi-layered tool which builds beautifully to a climax which will leave your audience in no doubt o

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