In this episode of r/notliketheothergirls we learn all about these girls who are uhhh not like other girls. It’s a pretty one-note subreddit, but it is great to watch all the unnecessary flexing. It doesn’t matter what your background is,…




In this episode of r/notliketheothergirls we learn all about these girls who are uhhh not like other girls. It’s a pretty one-note subreddit, but it is great to watch all the unnecessary flexing.

It doesn’t matter what your background is, you always need to treat people like people and not use them simply to get off. Neckbeards seem to learn this lesson particularly slow and it really does make my blood boil… So we must bring it to light so others don’t suffer alone.

For your fill of neckbeard stories we’ve got you covered with the freshest weeaboo, niceguy, and neckbeard happenings on reddit. Stick with ReddX for your daily dose of cringe with a side-dish of relatability. You might even feel good for dessert… But who can say?


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Have you ever met a neckbeard or a nice guy? They are frustrating to deal with, but luckily you aren’t alone! These r/neckbeardstories from Reddit are among the top posts of all time and include some of the funniest Reddit stories ever posted on the neckbeard stories subreddit! rSlash NeckbeardStories have all kinds of funny neckbeards in them, but especially the nice guy. And the weeaboo. There is a wide spectrum of neckbeards, and this is but a small slice of it.

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While there are many rslash channels that read r/neckbeard stories and r/prorevenge from reddit, each channel has their own way of performing them.

Some of the top rSlash entitled parents channels I recommend checking out are the original rSlash, Redditor, fresh, r/Bumfries, VoiceyHere, Mr Reddit, Storytime and Darkfluff. These Reddit story channels inspired me to start my own Reddit story channel, with a focus on Entitled Parents stories and at times going into the r/pettyrevenge and r/choosingbeggars subreddit as well.

Because most of my audience prefers Entitled Parents stories of Reddit, I tend to just stick with reading the r/EntitleParents Top Posts of All Time. But I also enjoy getting up close and personal with neckbeards and weeaboos from time to time.

Tubecribe to ReddX for the freshest daily Reddit content. I post relatable readings of Reddit posts and Reddit stories every single day! Journey with me as I relate these amazing Reddit stories to my personal life journey. I’m greatly inspired by the top reddit posts of all time videos and reddit stories on YouTube which is why I started doing them myself.

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