Man Sau Pak Sau (part Z3)

I put a series of video’s up on youtube called Best Garage Video Ever! This is the 3rd Bonus clip, only uploaded here and on Vimeo. My garage videos are some of the best made on Earth today. The level…


I put a series of video’s up on youtube called Best Garage Video Ever! This is the 3rd Bonus clip, only uploaded here and on Vimeo.
My garage videos are some of the best made on Earth today. The level of secret information we are offering scares the other teams. We give away their advanced high dollar Biu Tze material in our Chum Kiu Boxing. Iron Dog Gym has much more to offer yet undisclosed on here. This is just the free video I offer the Wing Chun beginners who are broke, but who will listen and then sweat it out with a training partner. The whole Section 1-4 from the 1980’s is basically available in my uploads now, if someone wanted to teach themselves or check if their own teacher look’s right.

We are a Temple. This is how we have been offering our services. Si-Fu Cox needs training partners and he always offers free instruction to get people up to the needed skills. But Si-Fu has a high standard and won’t be your personal trainer for free, so applicants often hire Si-Fu for training and lessons. They often pay for Sifu to get more training or to go to their own Dai Si-Fu. A student should feel guilty if they have not helped their teacher go learn more, because they realize teachers give education away to anyone for free. Only sponsorship keep schools and temples open. At Iron Dog Gy, a $300 Red Envelope payment is considered a lifetime sponsorship to the Temple in this way.

Do you want more? Do you want personalized instruction? Would you pay for it? The Temple has 2 paying sponsors at $10 a month, a WT local who paid the $300 (which is like 30 months) and a few people that are allowed to show up and train for other reasons. The other sponsor is Si-Fu Jeffrey Cox, who bought the cameras, laptop, vimeo, and does all the education, content creation, acting, filming, directing, editing uploading, pays the monthly fee to world organizations to be able to teach (2 schools), maintains the rents to the landlord for the Temple and grounds,….and he is broke and tapping out now.

“I have been rolling in the deep on here since 2006 and I love every one of my 314 subscribers! Thank You! But only 12 of you watch uploads and I think most of those are people we do not expect to join patreon. They have paid a red envelope ($300) to me already or show up in person.

I took on paying a second EBMAS school fee in 2019 with the intent of teaching online and then arriving in person for seminars with subscribers. COVID turned that into an open internet gym for everyone from my side (in case I died), and every garage gym with a cellphone joined me as competition for internet eyes… I think I really helped a few dozen or more people around the world and I know I reestablished a strong foothold for EBMAS and WT in general in the internet media universe. But I didn’t find any new subscribers at patreon. Not a single 1. I am not going to pay EVEN MORE OF MY $ chasing clicks against IP Man fandoom, tik toks, and whatever fad comes next. I am goona make some NFT’s put that cash into the ecoin market instead. I gave it a solid try,…and I am still loving every minute of it….” Si-Fu Jeffrey John Cox

So this is it for the year. Please drive slow and safe, wear a mask if outside the home over the winter, and have a wonderful Christmas and Western New Year. We are looking for new students in the Sacramento area, and looking for Instructors or interested hosts for starting working groups in California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah. If interested please email any of our contact email for an application. (Must be able to pass a background check or explain themselves)

Iron Dog Gym Training Hall is a Temple and School as well as a worldwide state of mind. All are welcome into participation and sharing, until they are not. We accept donations via

Contact directly:
Facebook: EBMAS Central or Sifu Quanbo (opening again in 2022)

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