Church Online: Peace of Mind (Week 2)

After a meal and some rest at the beginning of 1 Kings 19, Elijah travels to the same place Moses once received the Ten Commandments. This was a big moment in Israel’s history where God appeared with thunder and lightning.…

Sueño de Verano por Partícula

Sesión exótica y evocadora de deep house y melodic techno para viajar con la mente a través de la música. Exotic and evoking melodic techno session to travel with the mind through music.

Peace of Mind: Highs and Lows (Week 1)

After a mountaintop moment for the prophet Elijah where he defeats false prophets of Baal with a miracle, Elijah spirals into a depression that is so deep that he wants to die. Yet, God meets Elijah and encourages him to…