Ideas for aqua bows

Dear masters, thank you for sharing your work in our master class! Each of your work is a breath of inspiration for us! Thank you for your feedback! Link to master class on AQUABANTIC:


TIMESTAMPS: 00:04 Confusing perspective video shots 00:35 Levitating sphere 01:42 Toothpick trick 03:16 The magic napkin trick 06:34 Finger trick 07:02 Fire inside water illusion —————————————————————————————- Our Social Media: 5-Minute Crafts YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe…

A message to my daughter

my dear child you still my womb and i could feel each vain in you pumping blood inside of me .. i want you to know that through all your shallows ,your fears , your insecurities.. i’m here to stay…

Nurajack Tutorial_A

Nurajacks are a pedestal for supporting Tile or Timber decks over any stable surface, such as concrete, cobble stones or membrane decks. This video shows how to use and identify Nurajacks and Nurapads.

Nurajack MASTER_A

Install a Deck in a day! Nurajacks replace piles for low-profile timber decks. Cost effective and fast to install, for more information visit