Fresh Mint 2.0 by Cameron Francis – DVD (2)

Find out more: You display a small tin, wrapped in a rubber band, bearing the words ‘TIME CAPSULE’ – this is left in full view. A spectator signs their own bill (any currency) and hands it to you. Placing…

Fresh Mint 2.0 by Cameron Francis - DVD (2)



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You display a small tin, wrapped in a rubber band, bearing the words ‘TIME CAPSULE’ – this is left in full view. A spectator signs their own bill (any currency) and hands it to you. Placing it inside your fist you give it a little squeeze and incredibly, the bill completely vanishes! Or did it? You go on to explain that you actually sent the bill back in time! The tin is opened and inside is discovered a ‘Tic-Tac’ box through which can clearly be seen a folded bill! The ‘Tic-Tac’ box is dumped into your hand. You pop the lid off and cleanly dump the bill into your spectators awaiting hand – the box is now clearly empty. They unfold the bill and sure enough, it bears their signature! BUT IT DOESN’T END THERE! CAMERON FRANCIS’ ‘FRESH MINT’ IS A TRUE UTILITY GIMMICK, LIMITED ONLY BY YOUR IMAGINATION! YOU CAN OPENLY SWITCH BILLS, BUSINESS CARDS, PLAYING CARDS AND BILLETS INVISIBLY! THE DOWNLOAD & DVD ALSO CONTAIN FOUR MORE COMPLETE ROUTINES! On this amazing DVD you’ll see Cameron perform ‘Fresh Mint’ twice including a live performance for the one and only Charlie Frye shot at the Daytona Magic Convention in November last year! And, you’ll also learn these four stunning routines! MINTY FRESHA borrowed and signed bill mysteriously changes into a handful of Tic-Tac’s in your hands! Removing your Tic-Tac box a bill can be clearly seen inside. It is cleanly removed and found to be the spectators signed bill! MENTAL MINTAnyone is asked to name a date or a place (or anything really) that is personal to them. They are handed a business card on which they write down their chosen date or place. You then draw their attention to a Tic-Tac box that has been in full view throughout. Removing the folded business card from inside it unbelievably shows that you have predicted ahead of time the exact date or place they would think of! E.S.P MINTFive business cards, on which you have drawn the five E.S.P symbols, are laid out in a row on the table. Your spectator is asked to indicate any one of the five symbols. Amazingly, the one they choose is shown to have been predicted on a sixth business card – selaed inside a Tic Tac container that has been in full view throughout! MINTEDAn eye-popping transposition between a bill and a signed playing card! You display your ‘lucky dollar bill’ to a spectator – it is sealed inside a Tic Tac container. They are asked to select and sign a card which is then lost back into the pack – should you fail to find it, they get to keep your lucky buck! Giving the deck a number of cuts you eventually settle on one card. It is turned over and – DISASTER – it’s the wrong card! With that you give the Tic Tac box a brief shake where the bill inside is seen to visuallly transform into a playing card! The card is removed and it is none other than the signed card! The deck is spread and the bill is found wrapped around some playing cards. These are removed and shown to be the three mates of the spectators signed selection! ALSO INCLUDES THREE BONUS CHAPTERS… THE SLEEVES UP REMOVALDave Forrest’s preferred handling of ‘Fresh Mint’ when using the gimmick in conjunction with playing cards. STEVE HAYNES IDEAAn incredible application of the ‘Fresh Mint’ principle from the creative mind of Steve Haynes! OUT-TAKESCameron and Dave show just what a couple of true professionals they really are! Comments: “Sweet, Sweet, Sweet…crystal clear effect…diabolical method! What a great idea!” – Richard Sanders “Clearly impossible in more ways than one. You’ve given this time-honored plot a breath of fresh air!” – Charlie Frye “…down to earth practicality…simple and illusive…” – David Regal “This effect really does look as clean as it sounds.” – Peter Duffie “…hard hitting…simple…no re-set…Fresh Mint fills the bill!” – Steve Haynes “An exceptional piece of magic from an exceptional magician!” – Charlie Justice “Fresh Mint ROCKS!” – TC Tahoe “It looks incredible – I fooled myself!” – Iain Moran “…perfect for walkaround…I like it!! – Cody S Fisher “It has an amazing number of uses…you will BELIEVE!” – Anthony Miller “I LOVE Fresh Mint…Don’t pass this one up!” – Jeff Peirce THE ‘FRESH MINT’ EFFECT Running Time Approximately: 1hr 17mins

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